Saturday, May 31, 2014

Scentsy Inspirational Stories: from Grace

This week the world lost a beautiful soul, Mayo Angelou. I love her truly inspiring quotes, poems and thoughts - so in remembrance of her I shared inspirational stories from my Scentsy sisters throughout the day of her passing. They were so well received that I wanted to also share with you here. Enjoy an excerpt from Grace's journey:

"I started with Scentsy because I was in a very dark place in my world, fighting depression. I work at home full time and on conference calls all day. No more lunch bunch or getting out to take a walk with co-workers. So I guess for me it was a hobby to get out and have something to call my own. Never in a MILLION YEARS would I have thought that I could build a strong successful business that would allow my family to have things we didn't before, take amazing vacations together, earn amazing incentive trips. I have found what I think I was missing in my life and that is being part of the Scentsy Family. We all come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. For me I finally feel like I belong to something amazing and its about our drive for a better life, providing for our families, and being empowered to achieve the unthinkable." -Grace

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Scent with <3, Kande

Friday, May 30, 2014

Join in June and earn $300 in Scentsy or Velata product for FREE!

Best. decision. ever! I started because I was bored but what I didn't expect is it to be such an amazing journey and experience. Going to Greece, making life-long friends, paying for my family's trip to Tokyo Disney this Christmas... it's more than just selling Scentsy - it's a game changer.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 6: Farewell Day in Mykonos - Scentsy Greece Trip

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New to the Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 - Welcome to Athens! | Day 2 - Athens Acropolis
Day 3 - Athens / Mykonos | Day 4 - in Mykonos
Day 5 Jeep Excursion, Myknonos

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Thursday was Farewell Day and my favorite of the whole trip! Here's a review of our jam-packed day with photos!

1) I spent the later morning through afternoon lying on the beach and talking with 6 amazing ladies about business which totally inspired and motivated me!

2) While I sunbathed Owen climbed a nearby mountain and took some amazing photos:

3) Sunbathed and got foot massages with my sweet friend, Jeni

4) Recorded some incentive trip videos on my balcony:

5) Got ready in a record 20 minutes (including shower!) for our Farewell Dinner where we smashed plates on purpose - Opa!, where we all let go a bit and made sure to take pictures and love on all of our new friends that we'd soon be saying adios too!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 5: Jeep Excursion in Mykonos - Scentsy Greece Trip

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New to the Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 in Athens | Day 2 in Athens 
Day 3 in Athens / Mykonos | Day 4 in Mykonos

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It's excursion day! I've been looking forward to this excursion for a long time so I couldn't be more excited! We were able to choose from a yacht cruise to Tinos Island, a boat tour of Dinos Island, a Culinary Experience or a Jeep Safari. Guess what I chose? Jeep Safari! 

Jeep excursion day! 
We met in the lobby at 9:30a and the time was bumped to 10a so we sat chatting with our new friends, Jeni and Ben (and when I say new friends... meeting Jeni was like meeting a soul mate - we were always meant to be friends!). Well, at 10:05 Owen got up to check on why they hadn't gotten us yet and they had left! Oops! No worries, the manager of the hotel took us in his brand new Mercedes whipping down the mountain to meet up with the tour - not a bad way to travel! 

We met up with our group of 11 jeeps and hopped in with Robin and Mike, who we hadn't met before today. Mike is Greek so him and the driver chatted it up during the day and Mike helped translate all of my questions about the Island. Most of these shots are taken outside of the window while driving but you can hardly get a bad photo of this place so here goes:

It's a marketing dream to have the entire island match itself... and even the Greece flag! 
We stopped at a beach and I just loved all the pretty, low-lying flowers
with the quintessential white buildings in the background. 
All homes must be no more than 2 stories, with white adobe or rock exteriors and either blue, green or red shutters. Here's a typical home - with a highline wire in the shot because w'ere driving!  
We stopped off at one of the individual family churches on the Island. Interesting note is that families exume their loved one's bodies after 4 years to retrieve their bones. The eldest woman of the family cleans the bones and returns them to the family churches. Actually pretty heartwarming and they don't have to worry about burial space.
This is one of the 1,000 churches on an Island of only 10,000 people. 
Down below is a cruise ship. The island goes from 10,000 to 100,000 in the high summer months of July and August! Note: I would've cropped out the rock wall on the bottom of the pic but it's interesting to see that wall blurred with the clear shot in the background since we were driving at the time.  
Family church on the South Side of the Island.
See those home frames? The Mayor put a ban on more home building so before it took place frames were put up all over the Island so that when the ban is lifted the homes can be finished quickly before another ban is put into place.  
We caught a worker or home-owner finishing this new home. These homes are
made from white cement, crushed granite and sand for texture.  
The Island is full of steep 1 1/2 lane switchbacks lined with rockwalls. Not super scary in a Jeep but if you are on a tourist bus (that has no business on the Island in the first place), with a fearless driver, then it's SUPER SCARY! Ha!

After a fun Jeep excursion day we had dinner with about 16 of us and had a blast!
Here's a pic of Jeni's super FRESH fish! 

Scent with Love, Kande

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 4: From Athens to Mykonos - Scentsy Greece Trip

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New to the Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 in Athens | Day 2 in Athens | Day 3 in Athens / Mykonos 
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Scentsy chartered an entire plane today for us to head to a beach resort in the lovely Mykonos, Greece! 
It's a bit hard to accurately explain the experience of being here but one of the coolest things is how amazing and down-to-Earth Orville and Heidi are in-person! Orville welcomed everyone as they got on the plane today and almost has every consultant and their spouses's name memorized - impressive in itself! 

Our videographer/photographer was running down the aisle of the plane shooting us having a blast! Our plane ride was only about 45 minutes until we touched down in this gorgeous place. We spent so much of the day on the beach and then had another 4 hour dinner, followed by 2 hours of conversation (the European way) - so we are light on photos today until we collect photos from everyone else's cameras. :) Here's a quick tour of our day:

Myknos hotel room entryway
View outside our hotel room to the left

Our cute little hotel room

Poolside lunch

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 3: Acropolis Tour of Athens - Scentsy Greece Trip

Monday, May 12, 2014

New to the Athens, Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 in Athens | Day 2 in Athens
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Today we took a tour of the famous Acropolis! Then had dinner on top of a mountain overlooking Athens Greece. And I got to meet the owners of Scentsy for the first time! Here's a pictorial of our amazing day!:

Here we are with Orville & Heidi (Scentsy Family owners!) with a rooftop view of Athens!
Acropolis of Athens
View of Zeus' Temple from the Acropolis of Athens Hill
Beautiful view of the city
Acropolis of Athens
Roman Stadium
Church bell on top of the mountain at night
Athens, Greece - we ate dinner at a restaurant on top of that hill!
Owen and Kande at dinner (that's Athens in the background) 
We met some fantastic new friends today! We visited the Acropolis Museum and had the best dinner together!
This is our waitress bringing us the fresh fish catch-of-the-day!

And here is my delicious fresh, cooked fish and veggies! 
Greek salad

Our friends' dessert that we totally had dessert envy over!

Dessert - yummo! 
Me and the hubby on Mars Hill* with the Acropolis behind us!
*Paul the Apostle delivered his famous speech about the identity of the Unknown God. Acts 17
This is the first EVER Olympic Stadium!
Parliament Building (caddy corner to our hotel)
Does this view ever get old... I think not!

Scent with Love, Kande