Saturday, February 28, 2015

Korean Bibimbap on the Velata Raclette

Korean Bibimbap literally means mixed rice and is one of my favorite traditional Korean meals. I'm all about the aesthetics of food and this one is about as pleasing to the eye as it gets! And Bibimbap is so easy to make! 

INGREDIENTS (the amounts for each ingredient are to-taste):
Pork - cut into thin strips
Bean Sprouts
Shitake Mushrooms
Seaweed (sesame oil-marinated seaweed next to the sushi at the grocery store)
Eggs - 2 
Steamed Rice
Lemon Garlic Rub
Sesame Oil 
Soy Sauce

Raclette Grill
Ceramic Knife
Antibacterial Mat

Prep: 30 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Clean time: 45 seconds (yes, this is correct and this is why)

1. Start boiling the water for the steamed rice and turn your oven to broil/500 degrees. 

2. Cut the pork into strips and marinade in a little ginger, soy and sesame oil. (Since you can't taste test the raw meat do the smell test until it's just right). 

3. Cut all vegetables into strips, sprinkle with just a little lemon garlic rub

4. Then place all ingredients on the Grill with tongs. The Raclette Grill significantly decreases the time to cook this dish and makes clean-up super quick! 
Note: The Raclette Grill is on sale in February or you can earn it half-off by hosting an online Velata party or after spending $200 (go in with a friend or two).

5. Meanwhile drain the steamed rice and mix half of the rice in a bowl with 1 egg, a drop or two of sesame oil and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and then mold onto the bottom and sides of a cast iron bowl and place in the oven for about 10 minutes. 

6. Remove the bowl from the oven, fill with the remaining rice and top with the strips of vegetables and pork in a pinwheel shape - making sure to separate the drab colors of the mushrooms, sprouts and pork with the poppier colors of the bright green seaweed and spinach and orange carrots. Then crack an egg in the empty space. Broil in the oven for another 5 minutes - just long enough to cook to cook the egg to an over-easy. 

6. Prepare some GenMaiChai Japanese Green Tea and set your table with chopsticks. Remove from the oven, take plenty of picts for Instagram and dig-in! Serves 1-2. 

*Note: This is my own version of the dish but you can enhance with Korean red paste, different vegetables or other variations. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bunny Bear Scentsy Buddy is Here!

**UPDATE: Bunny Bear is now sold out. For a list of available Scentsy Buddies click here.**

Is he a bear? Or is he a hare?
He’s Bunny Bear, our new limited edition Scentsy Buddy—just in time for Easter! And one thing’s for sure: he’s ADORABLE! Bunny Bear comes with a hood that can be pulled down and a scent pak of your choice - I recommend French Lavender, Just Breathe or Sweet Pea & Vanilla
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February is BONUS month at Scentsy!

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