Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review of the Scentsy Fall Winter 2014 catalog / book!

This video will quickly guide you through the catalog, page-by-page noting new items and highlighting new information while pointing out all the moroccan beauty and intricacies!

See something you love? Email me at or go purchase online (after 9/1/14):

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FAQs for selling / joining Scentsy France!

This is seriously a ground floor opportunity that could change the life of the French consultant!
*Open for recruiting: Aug. 10, 2014
*Open for sales for consultants in France: Sept. 8
*Consultant's PWS will automatically be open for recruiting but not open for sales until Sept. 8
*Shooting Star period begins Sept. 8 (or the first day they enroll)
*Sponsor's to do before recruiting in France: Sign the Region 2 International agreement under Workstation>Accounts
*Cost to join: 99€ (99 euros)
*What's next?: Email and I will walk you through the process of joining and getting your business started!  
Party Tester Set Autumn/Winter 2014 Full Set
Large Recyclable Bag (3 Pack)
Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2013 Party Invitations (ES-ES)
Scentsy Customer Order Forms (ES-ES)
Scentsy Consultant Guide (ES-ES)
Scentsy Print Your Own Label (Region 2)
Scentsy Product Lists Autumn/Winter 2014 (ES-ES)
Scentsy Quick Start Guide (ES-ES)
Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2014 Catalogs (ES-ES)
Scentsy Starter Kit Tray (Region 2 & 3)
Scentsy Host Brochure 2014/2015 (ES-ES)
Scentsy Join Brochure 2014/2015 (ES-ES)
Bronze Vine Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM
2-pin Cord Black
Vanilla Cream Scentsy Bar
French Kiss Scentsy Bar
Oats & Honey Scent Pak
Skinny Dippin' Hand Cream
Vanilla Suede Hand Soap
Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs

Those trying to enroll as a Consultant in France are asked to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN), or a National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) code when they enroll. What we actually need entered is their Social Security Number.
When entering the Social Security Number, the format requires they use two letters, and then enter the numbers. Social Security Numbers in France do not begin with letters, so at this time we are asking that they can enter any two letters, and we will manually go in and make the corrections necessary when they submit their Carte Vitale or Social Security certificate.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

FAQs for Selling Scentsy in Australia!

Scentsy launched in Australia about a year ago on Sept. 1, 2103. The growth has been exponential but what has truly been amazing is the tremendous opportunity for Australian consultants! Scentsy Australia is a groundfloor opportunity with proven results of success in the US and backed by proof of the significance over the last year. 

In 5 years there will be tens of thousands of consultants and you could be at the top with hundreds, if not thousands under youThat has to really get you super excited, right?! If you have considering joining my Scentsy team - here is a great pictorial of some frequently asked questions and below is a chart to show you where the most opportunity is in AU. 

If you still have questions though I'd love to answer those for you here or if you're ready to dive in, enrollment only takes about 10 minutes here: 


Here is another pictorial about where the the most opportunity in Australia: 

And here is a snapshot one of our friends took of the August starter kit - you get all of this for only $139 aud (or $99 usd)! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Come Back to Scentsy For FREE!

If you were once a SCENTSY consultant and want to come back before our huge FALL selling season...You will get to come back for FREE and for the first time ever each consultant that comes back from August 18-September 30, 2014 will have the chance/option to purchase a special booster kit or full starter kit to help you jump-start the relaunch of your business! Message me NOW if you wanna take advantage of this awesome opportunity as we gear up for our huge selling season!

It's never too late to get a fresh start!:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tip: How to easily change out your plug-in wax

Have you ever tried to gently unplug your plug-in with warmed wax and it inevitably goes everywhere? Or have you tried turning off the warmer, intending to return only a minute later so it could easily be scooped out... but then forgot? Me too! 

Here's a quick tip on how to simply change out your plug-in wax totally mess-free! 
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>Purchase this whoot plug-in here or see our other plug-in options here

Scent with love, Kande

Friday, August 8, 2014

Top 4 Reasons, in 4 Minutes - to Join Scentsy in August!

Hi there! Here are the top 4 reasons you should join Scentsy in August! 

1. It’s Bonus August which means you receive a super size Scentsy starter kit worth $260 including demo products (warmer, Buddy, scent pak, bar, layers products and more), all of our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter testers and biz supplies including invitations, printable labels, biz cards, catalogs, order forms and product sheets.

2. Rather you are a stay at home mom looking for Christmas cash for holiday gifts or you want to pay for your holiday vacation then Scentsy is a perfect stay at home option.

3.     August is a 10 percent off sale on almost everything Scentsy. This means that even our packs are on sale. For example if you buy a 6-pack of bars normally that is $30 but with the sale it is only $22.50 making the bars $3.75 each. Plus all of our Spring/Summer scents will be discontinuing Sept. 1 so August is the time for customers to stock up. Just one more reason to join Scentsy in August!

4.     August 1 also marks the beginning of the incentive trip period! Like the trip I just took from Scentsy to Greece! From August 1 through January 31 earn a  free trip to our Las Vegas convention or a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean.

If you are ready to join go to or email me at

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scentsy is the BEST Fundraiser!

Choose Scentsy for your next fundraiser!

Check out the video I made you below on how your organization can choose a fundraiser that is:
1) effective (20-25% raised on all sales),
2) simplistic,
3) environmentally conscious,
4) safe (no fire or soot) and
5) healthy (vs. candy bar sales).
6) Plus your organization will be collecting sales for something that 95% of households use and love - home fragrance!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar Scentsy Warmer for September!

Chasing Fireflies will be my new favorite Scentsy warmer of all time! It has everything: turquoise, mason jars and the mention of fireflies which is my Scentsy team's name! I don't ever put the warmer of the month out early but I believe whole-heartedly that this warmer could sell out very soon into September so I'm taking pre-orders to be placed on Sept. 1. Email me to get on the list! 

This quote, derived from the Scentsy Convention keynote speech, from our amazing co-owner and President is what inspired this warmer and the words "Remember to stop and chase the fireflies." 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Scentsy Is Launching in France!


Scentsy Fragrance is launching in France on Sept. 8th! But you can join starting August 10th RIGHT HERE! Imagine being one of the first consultants in the country - the opportunity and income potential are without limits! Questions? Comment below, email: or follow the Scentsy in France Facebook page! 

OFFICIAL 2015 Scentsy Incentive Trip Information!

This is the official 2015 Scentsy Incentive Trip information on how to earn one of two trips to either sunny Las Vegas or a 7-day Caribbean Cruise! Want in? Join now!