Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FAQs for selling / joining Scentsy France!

This is seriously a ground floor opportunity that could change the life of the French consultant!
*Open for recruiting: Aug. 10, 2014
*Open for sales for consultants in France: Sept. 8
*Consultant's PWS will automatically be open for recruiting but not open for sales until Sept. 8
*Shooting Star period begins Sept. 8 (or the first day they enroll)
*Sponsor's to do before recruiting in France: Sign the Region 2 International agreement under Workstation>Accounts
*Cost to join: 99€ (99 euros)
*What's next?: Email kande@scentwithlove.us and I will walk you through the process of joining and getting your business started!  
Party Tester Set Autumn/Winter 2014 Full Set
Large Recyclable Bag (3 Pack)
Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2013 Party Invitations (ES-ES)
Scentsy Customer Order Forms (ES-ES)
Scentsy Consultant Guide (ES-ES)
Scentsy Print Your Own Label (Region 2)
Scentsy Product Lists Autumn/Winter 2014 (ES-ES)
Scentsy Quick Start Guide (ES-ES)
Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2014 Catalogs (ES-ES)
Scentsy Starter Kit Tray (Region 2 & 3)
Scentsy Host Brochure 2014/2015 (ES-ES)
Scentsy Join Brochure 2014/2015 (ES-ES)
Bronze Vine Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM
2-pin Cord Black
Vanilla Cream Scentsy Bar
French Kiss Scentsy Bar
Oats & Honey Scent Pak
Skinny Dippin' Hand Cream
Vanilla Suede Hand Soap
Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs

Those trying to enroll as a Consultant in France are asked to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN), or a National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) code when they enroll. What we actually need entered is their Social Security Number.
When entering the Social Security Number, the format requires they use two letters, and then enter the numbers. Social Security Numbers in France do not begin with letters, so at this time we are asking that they can enter any two letters, and we will manually go in and make the corrections necessary when they submit their Carte Vitale or Social Security certificate.

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