Saturday, August 23, 2014

FAQs for Selling Scentsy in Australia!

Scentsy launched in Australia about a year ago on Sept. 1, 2103. The growth has been exponential but what has truly been amazing is the tremendous opportunity for Australian consultants! Scentsy Australia is a groundfloor opportunity with proven results of success in the US and backed by proof of the significance over the last year. 

In 5 years there will be tens of thousands of consultants and you could be at the top with hundreds, if not thousands under youThat has to really get you super excited, right?! If you have considering joining my Scentsy team - here is a great pictorial of some frequently asked questions and below is a chart to show you where the most opportunity is in AU. 

If you still have questions though I'd love to answer those for you here or if you're ready to dive in, enrollment only takes about 10 minutes here: 


Here is another pictorial about where the the most opportunity in Australia: 

And here is a snapshot one of our friends took of the August starter kit - you get all of this for only $139 aud (or $99 usd)! 

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