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Officially I'm a Director of my team but unofficially I'm a mentor and an everyday cheerleader! My Master's degree and background is in marketing so that's the angle that I like to take in my coaching. If you're on my team this page is for you - and if not, I hope you'll find the information helpful and maybe even consider joining us for a great time! 
About the SCENT WITH LOVE team:
Our team is comprised of Scentsy Family sales Consultants for both brands: Scentsy and Velata. We are a growing team with Consultants throughout South Korea, Japan, the United States (Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, California,  and Oklahoma) and expanding monthly. Scentsy has recently exploded in Australia too! Interested - message me here for information!

I believe in training my team and ensuring they have the best start and best business possible. I believe in creating a culture of motivation and of giving back. And I believe in constantly improving ourselves so that we can accomplish our goals and dreams. 
If you are looking to start your own Scentsy business, I would love to have you on my team
Frequently Asked Questions?
I don't live in your area. Can you still be my sponsor?
Absolutely! I have many team members who do not live even in my country who I have helped SUCCESSFULLY launch and grow their business.
What kind of training do you provide?
I believe in being a strong partner in helping you grow your business, and that starts with training. I provide a training session at start-up, a FB group for sharing of tips and information, and active support throughout of each Consultant's business. 
I'm worried I won't make money. What should I do?
There is no doubt that you are taking a chance by starting a new business. But consider that a small business takes an average of $10,000 to start. If you hold ONE $500 party (which is frequently achieved), you will earn $100 in your first commission check. That covers the cost of the kit!  

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