Saturday, March 28, 2015

Christchurch Family Loses Everything in Fire Sparked by Candle

Christchurch family loses 'everything' in fire sparked by teenager's candle

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A Christchurch family's home has been destroyed after a teenager forgot to extinguish a candle in his bedroom before going to school. 
The Aranui teen's two older brothers noticed the fire just after 8am and immediately called emergency services.
Wainoni senior station officer Mark Elstone said firefighters could see the fire before they even reached the Shortland St house.
They spent about two hours extinguishing the blaze, but the house was "pretty much" destroyed. 
The one-story house belonged to a woman and her four children. 
"She was obviously very distressed about the whole thing," Elstone said.
"They lost pretty much everything." 
The two younger children - a primary school-aged girl and a boy aged about 14 - had already gone to school before the fire spread through the house. 
Elstone said it appeared the fire had "accidentally" spread from a candle the boy lit in his bedroom.
The teen forgot to blow out the candle before leaving for school.
"The Fire Service advises against using candles of any sort within the house, unless it's an emergency situation," Elstone said.
The boy's two older brothers were staying in a sleep-out and a caravan at the rear of the property and noticed the fire spreading through the main house.
The fire did not affect the sleep-out or caravan, but destroyed two cars on the property. 
Elstone said he believed the family had house and contents insurance and planned to stay with a relative. 
This is heartbreaking but unfortunately so common. Did you know that The New Zealand Fire Service recommends never burning any candle in the home unless it's an emergency? There are thousands of fires every year caused by unattended candles. 
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