Friday, March 6, 2015

Cherry Berry Crepes with Velata!

I received my brand new Velata Crepe Maker yesterday afternoon and so far we've had crepes for dinner, dessert and breakfast... so I guess you could say that we're smitten! 

Here's this morning's Cherry Berry Crepes with help from my toddlers! 

Velata Classique Crepe Mix (or Google a crepe recipe - we used wheat flour here)
Frozen cherries and berries 
Brown sugar*
Light whipped cream cheese*
*measurement = to taste

1. Buy the Crepe Maker HERE or earn it for free or 50% off by hosting
2. Wait patiently for UPS to deliver it to your door super fast 
3. Plug-in the Crepe Maker immediately upon receipt
4. Mix the crepe mix and pour in the dipping plate (whisk and plate included with purchase)
5. Dip the top of the heated Crepe Maker into the mix and return to heating stand
6. Let cook for 30ish seconds and remove with the spatula (included with purchase)
7. Repeat

Simmer lemon juice, brown sugar and defrosted, frozen cherries and berries on the stovetop. 

1. Fill your flat crepe with a little berry filling and cream cheese and roll
2. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and more ooey gooey filling
3. Grab a cup of coffee, a fork (or not, we won't judge) and enjoy! 

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