Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where is there the most opportunity in Australia to sell Scentsy?

Scentsy launched in Australia 11 months ago on Sept. 1, 2103. The growth has been exponential but what has truly been amazing is the tremendous opportunity for Australian consultants! Scentsy Australia is a groundfloor opportunity with proven results of success in the US and backed by proof of the significance over the last 11 months. 

In 5 years there will be tens of thousands of consultants and you could be at the top with hundreds, if not thousands under youThat has to really get you super excited, right?!

And in August it's even better with the BONUS starter kit for the same start-up cost of $139 aud. Join my global team and become part of history here! Or message me your questions (no obligation) here

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scentsy's August Scent of the Month - Fuzzy Blanket - is the Surprise of the Year!

The Scentsy August Scent of the Month was not my favorite when I first smelled it in the bar... but see why it's now one of my top 3 favorite scents EVER! And don't forget to hit that little red 'subscribe' button on my YouTube Channel

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Scentsy Christmas in July SALE!

Today is the very LAST day to get your hands on these amazing prices!!! 50-75% OFF - Christmas in July SALE! 
Christmas in July SALE!

 Christmas in July SALE!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Survive & Thrive with your Scentsy Business After A Move

This is the verbiage from the Survive & Thrive training call presented on July 26th as well as the 3-part video series.

Video 3 of 3: Be an Opportunist

Let’s start with this mindset: Many consultants live in the same small town their entire life and there comes a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to extend your reach. So I know it can feel daunting when moving but let’s switch our mindset to the following and then we’ll get to work. “We. We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to move to a brand new location, with new opportunities to expand our reach!” Let that sink in. Alright…

So, I’m going to start with a little bit of the soft stuff and then we’re going to dig in deeper in a bit with lots of tips and ideas so get your pen ready.  

1. Know Your Why
I moved from South Korea to Texas in February and was influx until we were settled in a home with all of our household goods in April. That’s 4 months from the time I shipped my stuff, until the time I received it in my new home (and oh, my gosh of course there are still boxes). I didn’t know a soul here and I left most of my SoKo clientele with my awesome team there so I was really starting from scratch. I could’ve thrown in the towel – sure would’ve been easier - but I knew my ‘why’ and that’s what kept me focused. Your whys can change. When I started it was because I left a 50-hr work week in advertising to move to Korea – so I was supremely bored. But my why at this time was much different and now included my group of amazing teammates – I knew I could never, ever let them down!

So, I’m talking to you today from experience. I’m acknowledging that it can be challenging but I’m also telling you that it’s possible and totally worth it!

Okay so let’s start as if you’ve just learned your moving:

Plan Ahead
1.  Sign-up for all of your new town’s FB groups including yard sales, spouses groups, mommy pages.
a.     many you can’t post on but you can watch for those that might be looking for a consultant. I just got a recruit from this last week!
b.     some have a file section specifically for advertising or listing your business so ensure you complete those and keep them up-to-date. And if they don’t suggest to the admin that they add this file.
c.      some allow postings at a specific time each week for advertising so watch out for those as well and consistently post your information
d.     large holiday and spring events start booking vendors 3-4 months out.  
2.     Book in-route parties with a traveling theme  
3.     Brand yourself and carry biz materials with you throughout the move.
a.     ask to leave biz cards at the hotel desk
b.     get friendly with the flight attendants on long flights (I had a 1 hr convo with a flight attendant on a flight from Greece in May!)
c.      playgrounds – scope out a mom and strike up a convo
d.     be consistent in your posts
e.     use the extra downtime to work on your business marketing (a new medium, marketing collateral, etc)
f.      schedule live facebook parties along the way – you can do these from anywhere and you can do it with 3-day vacation hair too!

okay, so you’ve moved and you’re in your new town and don’t know anyone! What to do!

Get Involved (community / social / scentsy)
1. Community
a.    Network with others in your community who are in home business.
b.    Find out what events and activities that they participate in.
c.     No networking avenues available – create one!
d.    My favorite idea here will be covered in the Be an Opportunist section so hang in for that in a few!
e.    A lot of churches hold a Spring and Fall Fest! Contact them about
getting a table or a booth.
f.      Have a neighborhood launch party.
- Find a digital invite on, have it printed at Vista Print and put on your walking shoes and deliver to the door of every one in your neighborhood.
- I did this at the end of June and 14 people came and ordered! I now have 14 new customers which is a great foundation of clientele! Another bonus of a clean slate is the ability to start a customer log and service your customers like you’ve wished that you’d done from the start.
- Tips: make sure the invite is really well designed!
-Include a redemption code
- Ask them to bring something (so they’ll feel less awkward about showing up)
- Only invite the ladies (otherwise you are competing for attention and it quickly turns into an expensive neighborhood bbq that you inadvertently sponsored.
- Have a call-to-action (like a FB event to RSVP on)
- Highlight the experience part of the party. Do not call it a Scentsy Launch Party. Instead try leading with a Fiesta for the ladies of the neighborhood,  featuring Scentsy and Velata.
- Serve margaritas – that gets people everytime!
- I recommend a Fiesta theme – it’s easy, fun and inexpensive. Serve chips and salsas and margaritas. Purchase or make colorful tissue poms and use mustaches to fiesta-up your displays (that should be spread out).

You can find this invitation pinned to my ‘Survive & Thrive’ Pinterest board

2.     Social Media
a.     Again, just make sure you are on all of the community pages. That recruit last week came because I’ve consistently posted each time that they allowed business postings or when someone needs a bulb and someone remembered my name and tagged me. I received 3 more orders from that strand.
b.     Branch out to one new social medium with your business. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, a blog, Pinterest… whatever you feel like you can be the best at and consistent with. This will give you some renewed excitement and help you to extend your reach.
3.     Scentsy
a.     Because I lived overseas I didn’t go to my first Scentsy event until this May in Greece and it forever changed me! Of course the destination was amazing but I also gained lifelong friendships and Scentsy sister connections from all over the world. Go to Spring Sprint, Convention and earn those incentive trips (starting this week!) and at the very least find a group or two that speaks to you.
-And for those overseas – I know an incentive trip or convention is more difficult but I bet that if you earn a free trip that your family can figure out a way to coincide a stateside visit with the trip.

Be an Opportunist
1.     First. No excuses.
2.     Create opportunity – it’s not about having opportunity fall in your lap at the time you need – it’s about creating opportunity that is tailored to you at the exact moment you need it.
a.     Create a neighborhood FB group
-This is one of my fav ideas. My neighborhood didn’t have a FB group (most don’t) so I created one which means that I can set the rules of biz ads, I created the HBB document, I am automatically the go-to as the admin for our community and manage the conversation. And I know when new people move to the neighborhood and I can drop off a welcome Scentsy package. I’ve offered a service to my community that they are thanking me for – when does that happen in direct sales!
- Contact your local area Welcome Wagon or Welcome to the
Neighborhood Group about including your information. If there isn’t one – create one!
b.     Create a city-wide women’s network where women can share ideas, recommendations, schedule playdates, or adult dates where you can network, schedule parties, and meet new teammates.
c.      Create a job fair with several successful direct sellers in the area
-I’ve just started organizing a fair in August with a set of 4 other strategically chosen direct sellers. I wanted high profile DSA orgs to bring the traffic, but not the ones that are the super hot ones for the moment or that are in the same genre and instead focused on flagship DSAs like Mary Kay and Pampered Chef. I’m doing it at a fun, new local biz – where we can do it for free, while we help another local biz out with new customers/traffic and therefore make more connections. I am also working with this local café on other sponsorship opportunities.
3.     Create advertising and promotional opportunities: If there are paid advertising opps out there already they are probably too expensive so you have to create a space for you.
a.     radio: Ask to donate an item for them to giveaway to their customers.
b.     local business: Ask them to put your business cards and a master catalog on their cabinet or ask them to hold an in-store drawing for a free scentsy warmer and wax by putting up your drawing box for a period of time.
c.      ask a local car dealership to hand out new car packets with your information and a scent circle.
d.     ask an apartment complex to hand out new tenant packets that include a coupon.
e.     ask a local bakery to display your cupcake warmer and drawing box for one week in exchange for gifting their employees with a package of Scentsy or Velata goodies.
f.      ask a local bakery to use your Velata chocolate for an exclusive cookie/brownie. Each purchase also receives a Velata goodie bag from you (coupon, sample, thank you). 
g.     Contact your local area hospitals and ask for Human Resources
Dept. The Majority of hospitals hand out New Mommy Diaper Bags filled
with products, samples and other stuff for New Moms who just had a
h.     Donate a Product to your local area Bingo Halls! They are always
looking for sponsors of their Bingo Prizes! Bingo is BIG in alot of
i.       Daycare Centers! They are excellent to contact and leave business
cards and/or fliers at!
j.       Contact local small companies and shops to see if you can offer
an exclusive discounts or freebie gift to their employees. Companies
are always looking for a way to "treat" their employees to specials
from the local surrounding community.

4.     See potential customers and recruits everywhere you go
a.     Have a conversation ‘work-in’ ready. Mine is that I just traveled to Greece for free. I use this anywhere that I can have a longer convo with people – I used this work-in last week at dinner for my birthday around a hibachi grill and she texted me today with confirmation that she’ll be joining our team on Aug. 1 – yay!
b.     Compliments and questions work well in short time-frames. Compliment her on her shoes or bag. Ask where she got them. Or ask her how old her kids are, tell her how olds yours are (so she knows you’re a fellow mom – not a weirdo) and then compliment her on her parenting, their behavior or how cute they are. Acknowledge that you’re both busy, tell her that it was really good to chat with her and that you own a Scentsy business and you’d love to give her a free scent circle and card. While you’re digging around for that ask if she’s thought about extra $$ for the holidays. And then pull out the circle, card and a pen and say let me get your number and I’ll text you and maybe we can chat about it more later this week. It’s fast-paced and non-lingering (leaving little time for objection).
5.     Brand yourself – I love Scentsy tees but I feel like I have even more success and visibility with a Scentsy bag.
6.     Always be thinking about how you can create opportunity even using pop culture and everyday events. For example the 50 Shades of Grey trailer was trending worldwide – so I created a guessing game. My Australian friend answered so she totally won and we’re now planning on a co-Facebook party together with her direct sales business and mine.
7.     If you get a receipt from someone, they get a card and sample or circle.


Flyers FB Group

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Live Scentsy Facebook Party!

I had a live Facebook party (in my pjs) on Tuesday and so far the host has earned over $100 in FREE product of her choice and 3 50%-off items. We didn't have to clean house and we spent exactly $0 in food and entertainment. Sound like your kind of party? Schedule one in August for our 10% off summer closeout sale! Or in September for the launch of the Fall/Winter catalog!

Not sure what a Live Scentsy Facebook Party is? I'll tell you: 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Scentsy Scent does Christian Grey smell like?

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer was released today and it's been trending #1 worldwide the entire day. This Scentsy lady is all about scent so it's no wonder I've asked myself what does Christian Grey smell like? It's an interesting question and one that I wanted to share with my FB friends with this guessing game! 

So now that the guessing game is over and my Australian friend, Joy and South Korean friend, Alicia guessed the correct number of 16 I bet you are interested in knowing: what Christian smells like.... 

Christian smells just like BUSINESS CASUALConfident and complex: a fusion of exotic cardamom, intriguing caraway, lively pepper, and fragrant woods with a unexpected wisp of orange blossom. Want a sample... of Business Casual, that is? Request one, free here! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grace Adele Fall/Winter Early Release and 50% & 80% off SALES!

As you know Grace Adele will be discontinued on July 31st but before it goes away there are some already-produced Fall/Winter products that will go on sale on Wednesday at 10am Eastern for 50% off! Below are the new products and the prices. Coach quality bags starting at $25! We had 16 bags sell out in 1 day recently so these WILL go quickly. Pre-order with me now or purchase first thing Wednesday morning ET. 

This is a genuine leather collection and I'm so in love with this saddle-colored bag! I will be ordering it first thing on Wednesday morning - I'm taking pre-orders now - if you'd like me to order you one as well just let me know! Or get yours first thing on Wednesday at!

There are also still several bags available in the 80% off sale right now at Here are those available as of July 22 at midnight. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Scentsy Story... and why you should join Scentsy in August too!

My Scentsy story! 

I joined Scentsy on a whim one evening without ever even seeing a Scentsy warmer! You see, I was bored. I have a Master’s degree in Marketing and enjoyed a decade-long career as an advertising agency account executive but when the US Air Force moved our family to South Korea I found myself needing to reinvent my own personal brand.

It sounds so cliché but I never imagined where that $99 whim would take me!

I received my starter kit 3 hours before my launch party (phew!) and was so excited that I had a $2,000 launch party! That’s a $600 paycheck and a promotion on my first day – I was sold! 

BTW: Joining in August means that you get a BONUS kit – allof your Spring/Summer AND Fall/Winter testers, catalogs and product sheets.Over a $300 value for $99! Contact me to get your no-obligation, free info packet! 

And after my first 4 months I enjoyed 3 more promotions and earned a FREE trip to Whistler Canada! And then I promoted to a Director with the company in September!

Last Christmas my holiday paycheck paid for a trip to Tokyo Disney for my baby’s first birthday and this year Owen and I took a bucket-list trip to Greece that I earned for being in the Top 100 in the company! This was truly a trip of a lifetime!

I most recently went to our Scentsy Reunion in St. Louis and among other amazing experiences got to dance front row to a Sara Bareillis concert and take the stage (and a selfie) with Pat from the band Train. What?!

I now have a team in 3 countries and 7 states and growing monthly and couldn’t be more excited to do this all from home while loving on and watching my kids grow every single day.

I own a Scentsy Family business and I’m in it for the long haul. This is all possible just for sharing a product that I believe in from a company and product that I love – rather you’d like to buy, host (to earn lots of free stuff) or join my global team – I’d love to chat with you! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Velata Artisan Rub Taste Testing & Descriptions

Oh, how I love our Velata Artisan Rubs! They make cooking easy, healthy and quick with no need for marinating, adding oils or adding any other ingredients - just rub, grill and eat! 

This video gives you a virtual taste testing of all four rubs including the ingredients and my personal take on the flavors. After watching go ahead and head over to and grab yourself one or four! 

Buy 1 for $10 | Buy a 3-pack for $27 and save!

Santa Maria BBQ Artisan Rub
Perfect for ribs, steak, pork, and other meats.

This flavorful blend combines cumin, paprika, chili powder, thyme, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and sugar for a spicy and sweet hit of flavor! It also makes a sophisticated seasoning for tacos.
Suggested Use: Apply liberally to beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or vegetables prior to cooking.

Lemon Garlic Artisan Rub
Tastes just as good on chicken or fish as it does on steamed, grilled, or sautéed vegetables!

Lemon zest, garlic powder, parsley, thyme, and kosher salt with a hint of chili flakes. Mix with melted butter or olive oil for a quick scampi-style sauce.
Suggested Use: Apply liberally to chicken, seafood, or vegetables prior to cooking.

Coriander Herb Artisan Rub
Ideal for chicken and seafood.

With full-bodied flavor, this exotic blend of coriander, kosher salt, thyme, oregano, parsley, dill, and marjoram also tastes great on carrots, roasted potatoes, spinach, or squash. Add this fusion cuisine-inspired flavor to any dish.
Suggested Use: Apply liberally to chicken, seafood, or vegetables prior to cooking.

Smoked Paprika Artisan Rub
Meats have met their match with this piquant rub!

An epicurean blend of paprika, garlic powder, kosher salt, black pepper, and dried thyme, it adds boldly complex flavor to grilled or broiled beef or pork. Add it to your favorite blackened fish or chicken recipe for a smoky twist.

Suggested Use: Apply liberally to beef, chicken, or vegetables prior to cooking.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scentsy 2014 Annual Reunion in St. Louis! #sfr2014

The 2014 Scentsy Annual Reunion (#sfr2014) included some of my favorite experiences ever - including getting to take the stage with Train! To sum up the jam-packed week of events I thought I'd snapshot my social media posts throughout the week for you. So here goes:

We spent July 4th with my family in Lubbock, TX and then my kiddos got to stay with Nani and Papi on the farm for the week after while I lived it up in St. Louie! My 3-year-old helped drop me off at the planeport... 

The flight went smoothly and I landed in St. Louis at 5:40 for a 6:30 event - eek! Once I landed I opted to utilize the $2.50 metro rather than the $45 shuttle and with rush hour traffic it was great. I headed to our hotel for the first night - Hilton at the Ballpark and quickly saw that we had one of the very best views in the hotel. There was even a baseball game in-progress.  

Now time for a little freshening up for the private Sara Bareilles concert!  

After registering it was time for the concert that started around 8:30. Sara B. was so great - she has a killer voice and tried out new songs for her #littleblackdress tour that we helped her kick off! Dancing on the front row, this close to her was amazing but what was even better was getting to see all of my Greece friends again! I've always heard that Scentsy can help you make friendships (yada... yada...) but never quite understood until I found lifelong friends within the Scentsy family - and this is why we call it a Reunion and not a Convention! <3

I had so much fun with my Scentsy friends that we didn't go to sleep until 2am and I had to wake at 6:30 for my 5K race - eek! The race was hard... but I ran it! It started at 9am so it was hot but beautifully hilly. After the race I sat down with a banana, orange and water from Scentsy and took off my shoes - my fingers and feet were soooo swollen from the weather - it was humorous - all of the racers were comparing swelling levels - ha!  

That evening we had our first general session and they gave the entire crowd {of roughly 10K} a full-set of Fall/Winter testers! There are some wonderful new fragrances for the Fall! Anyone up for Salted Caramel Cupcake or Crumb Top? Book a party and get yours free!

After the unveiling of products it was time for the Train concert! We were on the second level but Orville (our CEO) invited everyone on the floor so we booked it to the front row! During the third song, Pat Monohan started on one end of the front row taking selfies - we were at the end but I had my phone primed and ready... and then Pat took this picture! Holy cow - I couldn't believe it!!!! Even if the concert had ended at that moment I was completely satisfied! I could not have bought this experience and it was free - thank you Scentsy! 

Then my awesome night got even better when he invited a few of us on stage with him! I only snapped one picture because I was standing right behind him while he sang but this is how close I was (and what the back of Pat's head looks like) ;)

Thursday was an incredibly busy day with breakout and general sessions from the early morning on. My brain has been officially packed with information that I'm excited to utilize and take back to my team to train on! Thursday night was a free night so we headed to the Cardinals game!  

Friday morning started off with one of the most powerful testimonies of hope and love that I've ever heard. John was burned badly as a child - 100% of his body was burned and 85% of it had 3rd degree burns. He was not expected to live. But with the help of his parents, hospital staff, a very special nurse and celebrity baseball announcer-turned friend, he survived! He now has a gorgeous wife and 4 beautiful children and shares this great story across the world. PS: Pretty cool stage, huh?!

One of the most exciting moments of the convention is the unveiling of the next year's convention location and incentive trip! This is the trip that you can earn by earning points through recruiting and sales from Aug. 1 through Jan. 31. And this is the same program that earned my hubby and I a free trip to Greece this year and Whistler, Canada the year before! So, drumroll... next year there will be opportunities to earn a trip to Las Vegas for our 2015 Convention or to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a 7-day Caribbean Cruise! Message me and I'll give you the information on how to join

Our Friday night entertainment before the DJ Ravi Drums Dance Party was from comedian, Jim Gaffigan! Absolutely hilarious! I'm a FAN! 

Saturday morning was time for goodbyes and a quick flight back to Lubbock. I was so excited to see my kiddos that I could hardly wait! Thank you Scentsy for allowing me the opportunity to stay home with my kids and still experience the joy of challenges, mentoring a team and amazing events like this. #ichoosescentsy #scentwithlove