Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scentsy 2014 Annual Reunion in St. Louis! #sfr2014

The 2014 Scentsy Annual Reunion (#sfr2014) included some of my favorite experiences ever - including getting to take the stage with Train! To sum up the jam-packed week of events I thought I'd snapshot my social media posts throughout the week for you. So here goes:

We spent July 4th with my family in Lubbock, TX and then my kiddos got to stay with Nani and Papi on the farm for the week after while I lived it up in St. Louie! My 3-year-old helped drop me off at the planeport... 

The flight went smoothly and I landed in St. Louis at 5:40 for a 6:30 event - eek! Once I landed I opted to utilize the $2.50 metro rather than the $45 shuttle and with rush hour traffic it was great. I headed to our hotel for the first night - Hilton at the Ballpark and quickly saw that we had one of the very best views in the hotel. There was even a baseball game in-progress.  

Now time for a little freshening up for the private Sara Bareilles concert!  

After registering it was time for the concert that started around 8:30. Sara B. was so great - she has a killer voice and tried out new songs for her #littleblackdress tour that we helped her kick off! Dancing on the front row, this close to her was amazing but what was even better was getting to see all of my Greece friends again! I've always heard that Scentsy can help you make friendships (yada... yada...) but never quite understood until I found lifelong friends within the Scentsy family - and this is why we call it a Reunion and not a Convention! <3

I had so much fun with my Scentsy friends that we didn't go to sleep until 2am and I had to wake at 6:30 for my 5K race - eek! The race was hard... but I ran it! It started at 9am so it was hot but beautifully hilly. After the race I sat down with a banana, orange and water from Scentsy and took off my shoes - my fingers and feet were soooo swollen from the weather - it was humorous - all of the racers were comparing swelling levels - ha!  

That evening we had our first general session and they gave the entire crowd {of roughly 10K} a full-set of Fall/Winter testers! There are some wonderful new fragrances for the Fall! Anyone up for Salted Caramel Cupcake or Crumb Top? Book a party and get yours free!

After the unveiling of products it was time for the Train concert! We were on the second level but Orville (our CEO) invited everyone on the floor so we booked it to the front row! During the third song, Pat Monohan started on one end of the front row taking selfies - we were at the end but I had my phone primed and ready... and then Pat took this picture! Holy cow - I couldn't believe it!!!! Even if the concert had ended at that moment I was completely satisfied! I could not have bought this experience and it was free - thank you Scentsy! 

Then my awesome night got even better when he invited a few of us on stage with him! I only snapped one picture because I was standing right behind him while he sang but this is how close I was (and what the back of Pat's head looks like) ;)

Thursday was an incredibly busy day with breakout and general sessions from the early morning on. My brain has been officially packed with information that I'm excited to utilize and take back to my team to train on! Thursday night was a free night so we headed to the Cardinals game!  

Friday morning started off with one of the most powerful testimonies of hope and love that I've ever heard. John was burned badly as a child - 100% of his body was burned and 85% of it had 3rd degree burns. He was not expected to live. But with the help of his parents, hospital staff, a very special nurse and celebrity baseball announcer-turned friend, he survived! He now has a gorgeous wife and 4 beautiful children and shares this great story across the world. PS: Pretty cool stage, huh?!

One of the most exciting moments of the convention is the unveiling of the next year's convention location and incentive trip! This is the trip that you can earn by earning points through recruiting and sales from Aug. 1 through Jan. 31. And this is the same program that earned my hubby and I a free trip to Greece this year and Whistler, Canada the year before! So, drumroll... next year there will be opportunities to earn a trip to Las Vegas for our 2015 Convention or to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a 7-day Caribbean Cruise! Message me and I'll give you the information on how to join

Our Friday night entertainment before the DJ Ravi Drums Dance Party was from comedian, Jim Gaffigan! Absolutely hilarious! I'm a FAN! 

Saturday morning was time for goodbyes and a quick flight back to Lubbock. I was so excited to see my kiddos that I could hardly wait! Thank you Scentsy for allowing me the opportunity to stay home with my kids and still experience the joy of challenges, mentoring a team and amazing events like this. #ichoosescentsy #scentwithlove

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