Monday, July 21, 2014

My Scentsy Story... and why you should join Scentsy in August too!

My Scentsy story! 

I joined Scentsy on a whim one evening without ever even seeing a Scentsy warmer! You see, I was bored. I have a Master’s degree in Marketing and enjoyed a decade-long career as an advertising agency account executive but when the US Air Force moved our family to South Korea I found myself needing to reinvent my own personal brand.

It sounds so cliché but I never imagined where that $99 whim would take me!

I received my starter kit 3 hours before my launch party (phew!) and was so excited that I had a $2,000 launch party! That’s a $600 paycheck and a promotion on my first day – I was sold! 

BTW: Joining in August means that you get a BONUS kit – allof your Spring/Summer AND Fall/Winter testers, catalogs and product sheets.Over a $300 value for $99! Contact me to get your no-obligation, free info packet! 

And after my first 4 months I enjoyed 3 more promotions and earned a FREE trip to Whistler Canada! And then I promoted to a Director with the company in September!

Last Christmas my holiday paycheck paid for a trip to Tokyo Disney for my baby’s first birthday and this year Owen and I took a bucket-list trip to Greece that I earned for being in the Top 100 in the company! This was truly a trip of a lifetime!

I most recently went to our Scentsy Reunion in St. Louis and among other amazing experiences got to dance front row to a Sara Bareillis concert and take the stage (and a selfie) with Pat from the band Train. What?!

I now have a team in 3 countries and 7 states and growing monthly and couldn’t be more excited to do this all from home while loving on and watching my kids grow every single day.

I own a Scentsy Family business and I’m in it for the long haul. This is all possible just for sharing a product that I believe in from a company and product that I love – rather you’d like to buy, host (to earn lots of free stuff) or join my global team – I’d love to chat with you! 

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