Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 6: Farewell Day in Mykonos - Scentsy Greece Trip

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New to the Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 - Welcome to Athens! | Day 2 - Athens Acropolis
Day 3 - Athens / Mykonos | Day 4 - in Mykonos
Day 5 Jeep Excursion, Myknonos

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Thursday was Farewell Day and my favorite of the whole trip! Here's a review of our jam-packed day with photos!

1) I spent the later morning through afternoon lying on the beach and talking with 6 amazing ladies about business which totally inspired and motivated me!

2) While I sunbathed Owen climbed a nearby mountain and took some amazing photos:

3) Sunbathed and got foot massages with my sweet friend, Jeni

4) Recorded some incentive trip videos on my balcony:

5) Got ready in a record 20 minutes (including shower!) for our Farewell Dinner where we smashed plates on purpose - Opa!, where we all let go a bit and made sure to take pictures and love on all of our new friends that we'd soon be saying adios too!

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