Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 3: Acropolis Tour of Athens - Scentsy Greece Trip

Monday, May 12, 2014

New to the Athens, Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 in Athens | Day 2 in Athens
Join my team here and go to Cancun with me in Jan!


Today we took a tour of the famous Acropolis! Then had dinner on top of a mountain overlooking Athens Greece. And I got to meet the owners of Scentsy for the first time! Here's a pictorial of our amazing day!:

Here we are with Orville & Heidi (Scentsy Family owners!) with a rooftop view of Athens!
Acropolis of Athens
View of Zeus' Temple from the Acropolis of Athens Hill
Beautiful view of the city
Acropolis of Athens
Roman Stadium
Church bell on top of the mountain at night
Athens, Greece - we ate dinner at a restaurant on top of that hill!
Owen and Kande at dinner (that's Athens in the background) 
We met some fantastic new friends today! We visited the Acropolis Museum and had the best dinner together!
This is our waitress bringing us the fresh fish catch-of-the-day!

And here is my delicious fresh, cooked fish and veggies! 
Greek salad

Our friends' dessert that we totally had dessert envy over!

Dessert - yummo! 
Me and the hubby on Mars Hill* with the Acropolis behind us!
*Paul the Apostle delivered his famous speech about the identity of the Unknown God. Acts 17
This is the first EVER Olympic Stadium!
Parliament Building (caddy corner to our hotel)
Does this view ever get old... I think not!

Scent with Love, Kande

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