Friday, May 9, 2014

Scentsy Family Incentive Trip 2014 (to Greece)!

On February 27th  I got the email telling me that I was 1 of the top 100 incentive trip earners in the Scentsy Family company!  What does this mean? It means that out of our 200,000 consultants I earned one of the top 100 most points... but what this really means is that I get to go on an all-expense paid trip to Greece!

Fast forward.

Tomorrow I begin this amazing vacation and I thought there could be no better time than to start a blog dedicated to all of my customers, supporters and team! So thank you from the bottom of my heart and stay tuned for all of the photos and excited adventurers awaiting us in Athens and Mykonos, Greece! Opa!

Scent with <3, Kande

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