Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 2: Tour of Athens - Scentsy Greece Trip

Sunday, May 11, 2014
First, I just have to wish all of the mommas a very Happy Mother's Day - and if you are one of our dear friends who has suffered a heartbreaking loss of a child or are unable to conceive a child my heart especially goes out to you today. And rest assured while I'm in Greece I'm thinking about my sweet boys, Cooper and Spencer every minute today.

New to the Athens, Greece series? Here's a quick catchup course.
I earned a trip for 2 to Greece! |  Day 1 in Athens | Join my team here and go to Cancun with me in Jan!


So, today was our very first full day in Athens, Greece. After a lovely awards breakfast we had the entire day free! Here's a pictorial account of our fun:

Plaka Street View: See the old Greece columns at the end of the street? Looks like a movie set, right? 
Temple of Zeus: Just a sunny couple of hours before sunset
Gorgeous colors of a home on a little deviation from our 'old rock' tour
One of the dozens of cats hanging around the Plaka neighborhood
Me and my guide at some really old rocks :)
Athens Flea Market: You could literally find the kitchen sink here

Hidden local restaurant just off the beaten path
Athens Flea Market Greek Tins
Greek Lunch Menu
Greek Store-Front Closed for Mid-Day Nap... or Cafe
That's me. And... that's totally the Acropolis! 
Temple of Zeus - yup, there is 3 photos of this one but you
have to understand that it was really, really... really cool! 
Lovely Dinner at Meatapoleo's!
PS: I might have been swayed to go here because of the cool design and fun word play 
Reconstructed temple from an archaeological dig of the rubble
I'm officially obsessed with all things olive: olive oil, olive wood, olives... somebody stop me!
How adorable is this little home?! 
Street view of the Acropolis on the hill
Fruit Market Stand
Little Greek home off the beaten path (can you spot the little black kitty?)
Temple of Zeus: Only 16 columns standing of the original 160 - truly amazing!
Tired, dirty, cranky toes
Speaking of tired toes... it's off to bed!

Scent with love, Kande to come with me on the winter incentive trip to Cancun!

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