Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Decorating for Halloween!

Decorating for Halloween? Here is the Scentsy Fall/Halloween collection available for purchase here!  

I love how the Pumpkin Lace is so sophisticated and pretty! And the best part is that the top of the pumpkin is a lid that stays on the warmer - the holes in the lid allow the perfect fragrance, like Pumpkin Roll, to scent the air! Here's a pic of the warmer off and on! 

Bonehead is a perfect warmer for those that love decorating for Halloween! Pair with a red fragrance like Pomegranate Pear for an extra eerie affect! 

Itsy Bitsy is one of our Element collection warmers and is the cutest spider ever! Our Element warmers use a heating element instead of a light bulb to warm the fragrance. This warmer is more petite in size and does not have light emitting from it. Pair it with Salted Caramel Cupcake! Adorable! 

My favorite Halloween treat is Candy Corn! Pair it with Dulce de Leche for an even more decadent treat! 

This Creepy Crawly warmer is great for Halloween or a spider-man themed boy's room! Pair it with Peppermint Dreams

Happy Halloween!

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