Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cookie Cutter Chocolate Pancakes - 30 days of Healthy Eating with the Velata Raclette

In a nutshell I use my Velata Raclette Grill almost every single day. It allows us to eat the healthiest we've ever eaten (with the fastest clean-up) so this is a post within a 30-day series on a healthy eating Velata Raclette recipes. Enjoy! 

It was a chocolate pancake kind of morning - add some fun cookie cutter shapes and I had some happy kiddos! Shhh... I substituted in wheat flour, dark brown sugar and applesauce instead of oil for a healthier version. And with the added cocoa no syrup was needed. 

Here are our finished pancakes - the kids ate everything except one moose leg :) 

The Velata Raclette makes the very best pancakes EVER - with a perfect cook-through and a bit of a crispy outside! And I love that I can cook more than one pancake at a time for my impatiently-hungry kids. 

Spencer chose a moose pancake first and trotted him around the table before mauling one of his hooves off with a distinct humphhh sound. 

Cooper chose a Texas-shaped pancake first but he devoured it so quickly that I couldn't get a picture quick enough. This is pancake #2 of 5! 

Clean-up time: 9 seconds (yes, that's 9 seconds - this grill makes momma very happy!). PS: You can get this $140 grill for FREE with our June Incentive - message me for the info (offer ends June 30)!  

1 C wheat flour
2 TBS dark brown sugar
2 TSP baking powder
1 egg
1 C milk
2 TBS applesauce
2 TBS cocoa (no extra sugar is needed) 

Yield: This particular recipe fed 1 mommy, 1 hungry toddler and a baby. But this one is totally flexible. You can alter this recipe by using the mixing instructions on the pre-made mix or make it from scratch like we did here. 

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