Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coriander Herb Shrimp & Veggie Grill - 30 days of Healthy Eating with the Velata Raclette

In a nutshell I use my Velata Raclette almost every single day. It allow us to eat the healthiest we've ever eaten (with the fastest clean-up) so this is a post within a 30-day series on healthy eating Velata Raclette recipes and activity. Enjoy! 

My entire family loves shrimp. Before I might have bathed the shrimp is a mixture of olive oil, butter, garlic and herbs but this is the new and improved (and very low calorie) version.

I simply defrosted some frozen shrimp, cut up some peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms and mixed it all up with some of the Velata Coriander Herb Artisan Rub. Then I threw it on the Velata Raclette for about 15 minutes. That's it! 

Clean-up time: 25 seconds

1/2 pound frozen shrimp
Any fresh veggies on-hand including peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms

Yield: This one is totally flexible. You can alter this recipe by using the mixing instructions on the pre-made mix or the recipe you use to make it from scratch. 

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