Friday, June 6, 2014

Greek Pork Slouvaki, Salad, Tzatki, Pita & Hummus - 30 days of Healthy Eating with the Velata Raclette

In a nutshell I use my Velata Raclette almost every single day. It allow us to eat the healthiest we've ever eaten (with the fastest clean-up) so this is a post within a 30-day series on healthy eating Velata Raclette recipes and activity. Enjoy! 

Day 3: Greek Pork Slouvaki, Greek Salad, Tzatki, Pita & Hummus (Dinner):

I remember how yuck I felt after I ate my first 'American' meal after being in Greece for over a week. I've heard it before but it's so true how the food you eat can make a signifcant impact in how you feel. Mediterranean food in general is mostly healthy and organic so w're going to be bringing in a little Greek into our everyday meal plans. Tonight's meal was a good start! 

This is the best meal I can remember myself ever making! It was so good that I announced just how good, after almost every single bite! The entire dinner was all Greek, healthy and was cooked on my Velata Raclette. The secret to such an amazing meal is that I got all of the spices from Greece on my free trip with Scentsy!

I cubed lean pork and marinated it in the slouvaki rub I bought in Greece - then I skewed and grilled it on the Raclette

I also made tzatki sauce with Greek yogurt, the spices from Greece and a little lemon.

I've made a Greek salad for almost every meal after we've returned. A Greek salad doesn't have lettuce - it's simply tomato, cucumbers, Greek salad spices and sometimes red onion and olive oil. 

We've already had hummus in our dinner repertoire but usually it's store-bought. Hummus is so easy to make though so tonight I made a Mediterranean hummus with chickpeas, garlic, lemon and some finely chopped olives and spices from Greece.   

Clean-up time: 21 seconds

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3. Buy your own spices at whatever exotic location Scentsy sends us next! 

Yield: This recipe has taken 2 adults and 2 kiddos to Tokyo Disney, 2 adults to Greece, Cancun and Whistler, Canada! 


Fitness: I completed Week 6 day 2 of my 10K trainer with a distance of 2.75 miles. 

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