Sunday, June 15, 2014

Turkey, Egg & Sweet Peppers Burritos & Grilled Cinnamon Pears - 30 days of Healthy Eating with the Velata Raclette

Happy Father's Day! 

In a nutshell I use my Velata Raclette almost every single day. It allow us to eat the healthiest we've ever eaten (with the fastest clean-up) so this is a post within a 30-day series on healthy eating Velata Raclette recipes and activity. Enjoy! 

Day 3: Greek Pork Slouvaki, Greek Salad, Tzatki, Pita & Hummus (Dinner)
Day 4: Turkey, Egg & Sweet Peppers Burritos & Grilled Cinnamon Pears (Breakfast):

Today is a celebration of all of the Fathers in our lives so this morning I made breakfast for my hubby with my boys, Cooper and Spencer. We wanted something healthy but yummy too! Hubby loves breakfast burritos so we improvised for a healthy version:

Clean-up time: 34 seconds

Jennie-O's Turkey Breakfast Sausage sliced
1/2 yellow sweet pepper
1/2 jarred and fire roasted red sweet pepper
Scrambled eggs
1 Sliced Pear sprinkled with cinnamon
4 wheat tortillas warmed on the Raclette

Yield: This recipe feeds 2 adults, 2 kiddos with plenty of turkey leftovers.


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